Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu With Prices

Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu Prices 2023 & Reviews

The restaurant was established in February 1993; Texas Roadhouse is a restaurant that does not Only focus On serving top-quality steak it also strives to provide a Top-quality dining experience for guests of All ages that want to enjoy themselves at a low cost.

Their Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu is an example of this. They are Proud to cater to events that Serve hand-cut steaks, homemade sides, And freshly baked bread.

Texas Roadhouse catering menu prices are reasonably priced, And the portions are the same size as those Offered inside the dining establishment.

Its Texas Roadhouse catering menu consists Of various dishes that Are guaranteed to Please the crowd.

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Some of the words featured on their catering Menu include sirloin Roast in the Oven, the prime rib & chicken, The ribeye steak, And pulled pork. When you’ve Selected your protein, you will pick the two side dishes (green beans, potatoes, mashed salad, And baked beans), And the bread Comes with it.

The menu costs per person for meals that include customized menus and items are Available on an inquiry.

The company currently has Around 420 branches That are situated across 48 states. Four units Are located in Kuwait as well as in Dubai.

Below are Texas Roadhouse catering prices and a menu that features delicious steak and other Traditional American barbecue dishes. The catering team at Texas Roadhouse is Ready to execute any event, complete with a western theme and the renowned handmade Rolls loaded with honey and cinnamon butter.

Famous for its legendary dishes and delicious sides, Texas Roadhouse can help organize your next banquet corporate meeting, birthday And holiday party.

Be sure to inquire with the Texas Roadhouse in your area. Texas Roadhouse to confirm the local menu Of catering options.

Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu With Prices in 2023

Favorites Menu

Ribeye Steak
(12 oz.)
Ribeye Steak
(14 oz.)
Rib & Chicken Combo
(based on portion size)
Pulled Pork & Chicken Combo
(based on portion size)
Chicken Breast
(Choice of BBQ Sauce or Cream Gravy)
Prime Rib & Chicken Combo
(8 oz. Prime Rib & 4 oz. Chicken)
Oven Roasted Sirloin
(8 oz. portion)
Oven Roasted Sirloin
(6 oz. portion)
Every order comes with 2 sides. Choose from the following selections:
Caesar Salad, Green Beans, Baked Beans, Chili Beans, Mashed Potatoes with Cream Gravy.
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Party Pans Menu

All orders come with 3 dozen rolls and honey cinnamon butter. (feeds about 25 people)
Roasted Chicken
(Seasoned or BBQ)
Rattle Snake Bites $75
Potato Skins $50
Chicken Tenders $75
Marinated Beef K-bobs $150
BBQ Ribs $150
BBQ Pulled Pork $95
Port Mushroom Chicken $125
BBQ Chicken $95
Boneless Buffalo Wings $80

Packages Menu

All orders come with bread and honey cinnamon butter. Price is per person.
Chicken 3 Ways
BBQ Breasts, Port Mush Breasts, 1/2 Toasters, Made-From-Scratch Side, and Salad of Choice.
Cowboy Feast
Ribs, Choice of: (BBQ Breasts, Port Mush Breasts, or 1/2 Roasters), 6 oz. Sirloin, Made-From-Scratch Side, and Salad of Choice.
Texas Roadhouse Signed BBQ Feast
BBQ Chicken Breasts Halved, Full Slabs of RIbs, Pulled Pork, Made-From-Scratch Side, and Salad of Choice.
Prime Rib Feast
Au Jus, Salad of Choice, and Made-From-Scratch Side.

Sides Menu

Corn $10
Buttered Corn $10
Chili $20
Green beans with Bacon $10
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy $10
BBQ Sauce $10

Desserts Menu

(1 cake)
Apple Pie
(10 slices)
(about 25)

Texas Roadhouse Kid’s Items

texas roadhouse catering

a young person dining at Texas Roadhouse This subject is Controversial. Everyone is Aware that kids frequently End up in unsuitable situations at inappropriate times.

Because of This, the establishment’s main goal is to keep kids engaged with activities that “Attach” them to a space and guarantee that they Are seated at the table.

Texas Roadhouse Kid’s Menu Prices
Pulled Pork Sliders price varies
Corn Dogs price varies
Mac & Cheese price varies
Hot Dogs price varies

This can be accomplished with the colourful menus in the restaurant. Children’s menus in restaurants are usually vibrant And colourful, specifically designed to cater to Children’s meals.

The creative thinking of restaurateurs when it comes to designing menus for restaurants is endless. You can find All-Beef Hot Dog, Mini-Cheeseburgers, Grilled Chicken And Lil Dillo Steak Bite.

The parents’ satisfaction will be immense as they eat in peace and talk to one another while their child Enjoys delicious and gorgeous food items. The restaurant also has children’s menus! Also, there are particular meals specially designed for kids And child-friendly items On the menu.

The set comes with soft drinks, various juices, And milk. For children, there are also fresh green beans, fresh veggies And a myriad of other healthy options at the restaurant.

Affordable Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu

texas roadhouse catering

Another factor contributing to this company’s fame is its reasonably priced Texas roadhouse cuisine. Their welcoming environment will make you feel at home. You can be confident that the Components in your meals will be fresh and nutritious.

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Texas Roadhouse Party Pack

texas roadhouse cattexas roadhouse cateringering

We understand that planning a party is time-consuming and difficult. Texas Roadhouse Party Pack was created to help you Plan your next party.

Texas Roadhouse Party Pack includes everything you need to host your next event. It also contains our most popular items like steak And chicken breasts with all-you-can-eat sides, dessert, etc.

You can also choose from fish, shrimp, ribs and other dishes. We have everything you need to make your next party memorable: a graduation party, holiday celebration, Or birthday dinner.

How to order online?

Texas Roadhouse Catering

Restaurant Texas Roadhouse actually has an Order-online service For texas roadhouse and a texas roadhouse to-go ordering service. This means that You can place food orders at the Restaurant three ways: through its official website.

You could go to the restaurant And order any meal you wanted in a friendly setting. But there’s no doubt that you’ll get high-quality food at a fair price if you order Online or pick it up And take it with you.

It’s a bargain! Additionally, on the menu for ordering online, you’ll find an array of food items, from ribs to steaks to hamburgers.

If you have children, there’s no issue because they have children-friendly meals, including hot chicken, dogs, steaks, mini cheeseburgers and tender ribs suitable for children’s stomachs.

To order online, you need to perform the following steps:

  •  Go to the restaurant’s official website  
  •  Find a branch near you  
  •  Contact the department with your order  
  •  Arrange for delivery or pick up your order

Also, the restaurant is now trying To feed its customers in a different way By selling some cooked meals directly To certain areas.

How to order from Texas Roadhouse catering?

Texas Roadhouse Offers the Best catering services. All Of your Meals Will be served to you at a Safe distance From The restaurant.

There are various terms and conditions; however, they are based On your requirements. There are a few options of having your party in a restaurant or requesting catering services from home.

If you choose the latter option, you can Also expect top-quality food for a reasonable price.

We highly recommend that you place your order well in advance since chefs need time to cook. If you’d like to get your Order ready, ensure that you Do it before the time.

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You’ll discover various options if you browse the menu, from steaks ribs to hamburgers. If you’re a parent, there’s no need to worry since they provide kids-friendly meals, including hot chicken, dogs, steaks, mini cheeseburgers and tender ribs suitable for children’s stomachs.

Texas Roadhouse Thanksgiving 2023

Texas Roadhouse Thanksgiving – Many people are searching for places to celebrate Thanksgiving. Texas Roadhouse is an excellent choice if you Are looking for a place to celebrate this holiday.

It is not only one of the most popular restaurants in Texas, but they Also have some Of the best Texas roadhouse Thanksgiving options.

Thanksgiving Meals for the entire family are available at Texas Roadhouse in a variety of flavours. You can order a roast steak dinner with All the trimmings for an alternative meal. You can Also order traditional Side dishes like cream corn Or green beans to go with your Meal.

Their famous rolls, available in honey butter and cinnamon varieties, Are a favorite item on the Texas roadhouse Thanksgiving menu.

Customer Reviews – Texas Roadhouse Catering

Customer reviews are always positive. It is easier to Organize your Business functions and parties.

They Return To their homes in a cheerful mood. You can choose to have your catering delivered At a fixed price or order a customized package.

If you have five people, you’ll likely pay the entire price of the package at $80. For larger groups, however, The cost can reach almost $140.

FAQTexas Roadhouse Catering

How big can your party be at Texas Roadhouse?  

A group Of more than six people will not be allowed to sit at a Single table. If you have More than six people, you have to be seated at tables 6 feet Apart. When you Arrive, only One person from your group checks in at the podium.

Text the free app to 68984 to join the Texas Roadhouse Mobile Loyalty Club to get free appetizers And other delicious Texas Roadhouse gifts on your phone.

Does Texas Roadhouse still give free appetizers?

It’s easy to get a Texas Roadhouse appetizer for free. Sign up for the Texas Roadhouse Email Club. Within a few days, you’ll get An email with a link to a coupon for a free Appetizer when you purchase an adult entree.

What is a Texas Roadhouse gift bucket?

Dinner for 2 people, a free appetiser, a free meal for a Child, steak Seasoning, steak sauce And peanuts in a traditional tin Bucket from Texas Roadhouse.

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