Texas Roadhouse Sides Menu Prices

 Texas Roadhouse Sides Menu in 2023

Texas Roadhouse Sides Menu

➥ Texas Roadhouse Sides And Extras features Special Items Like Loaded Steak Fries, Buttered corn, Seasoned rice, Green beans, Fresh vegetables, Seasoned rice & Apple Sauce.

➥ Each item on Texas Roadhouse Sides and Extras Menu is Price $2.49.

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 Texas Roadhouse Sides Menu and Extras Prices

Texas Roadhouse Sides and Extras Menu Price
Buttered Corn $2.49
Seasoned Rice $2.49
Green Beans $2.49
Apple Sauce $2.49
Fresh Vegetables $2.49
Chili (Cup) $2.49
Sautéed Onions $2.49
Sautéed Mushrooms $2.49
Steak Fries $2.49
Mashed Potatoes $2.49
Baked Potato $2.49
Sweet Potato $2.49
Load Your Potato (Baked, Sweet, Mashed or Fries) $0.99

Texas Roadhouse Sides Menu Nutrition Facts

 Texas Roadhouse Nutrition Facts For The Complete Texas Roadhouse Menu Calories, carbohydrates, sodium And Fat etc.

➥ The variety of food and portions served On the menus of Texas Roadhouse can confuse you. But, you can decide to tailor your meals.

➥ If you’re sensitive To something or prefer to eat a diet Low in calories in a restaurant, there are a few nutritional facts to aid you in making the best decision.

➥ The nutrients determine the nutritional value of the food it contains. Here’s a list of food Recipes available On the menu at Texas Roadhouse, which is Full of nutrients and can Assist you in finding your ideal balance.

➥ Check out the link below for information on Texas Roadhouse Sides Menu Nutrition Facts :

➥  Texas Roadhouse Nutrition

Texas Roadhouse Hours

➥ Most Texas Roadhouse restaurants are open from Monday through Friday at 4:00 pm and close at 10:00 pm on Fridays.

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➥ Texas Roadhouse is open Saturday through Sunday at 11:00 am and closes by 10:00 pm.

➥ Texas Roadhouse hours may vary slightly in some locations.

➥ Check the table below for Texas Roadhouse operating hours:

Texas Roadhouse Hours Opening Time Closing Time
Monday 4:00 PM 10:00 PM
Tuesday 4:00 PM 10:00 PM
Wednesday 4:00 PM 10:00 PM
Thursday 4:00 PM 10:00 PM
Friday 4:00 PM 10:00 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM 10:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM 10:00 PM

Texas Roadhouse Contact Us

About Texas Roadhouse

➥ Kent Taylor founded Texas Roadhouse in 1993 on the principles of fresh, authentic food made by hand.

➥ Steaks would be hand-cut, ribs would fall off the bone, the sides made from scratch, and the bread baked fresh every five minutes. No shortcuts, just real food made fresh daily.

➥ Kent was inspired by the traditional roadhouses found along the rural roads of the Lone Star State.

➥ These family restaurants were local gathering places where the smells, tastes, music, and laughter were as big as the state of Texas.

➥ People of all ages could stop in to enjoy an excellent meal for a great price. There was no better reward following a hard day’s work than homemade food served in a relaxed atmosphere.

➥ Twenty-eight years and 600 restaurants later, Texas Roadhouse is still committed to those same principles of quality.

FAQs – Texas Roadhouse Sides

What are the choice of sides at Texas Roadhouse?

➥ Sides With fresh-baked bread, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows & an array of vegetables, you’ll have many choices for sides at Texas Roadhouse.

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Can you get appetizers as a side Texas Roadhouse?

➥ “I used to be a server at Texas Roadhouse,” a third viewer wrote. “My pro tip was always that you can get half an appetizer as a side.

➥ ” Employees and former employees of several popular American restaurants have used TikTok to communicate with customers to help them get the best deals.

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