Margaritas at Texas Roadhouse 2024

Now you can enjoy an authentic Texas Roadhouse Margarita at home with this blend of premium lime juice, cane sugar And organic agave syrup.

The Texas Roadhouse takes pride in providing a place where family And friends can gather to unwind And create memories.

Aside from the deliciously prepared food And the entertaining atmosphere, the Legendary Margarita is the most popular beverage ordered by guests.

Texas Roadhouse Margarita

Texas Roadhouse’s Legendary Margarita, which has an excellent flavour, is made Using blue Agave from the Jalisco region of Mexico and 19% Persian Lime juice.

The Legendary Margarita has been the house specialty since the 1993 debut of the first Texas Roadhouse. Now you can sip on a Texas Roadhouse-style margarita at home as well!

Texas Roadhouse Margarita Menu With Prices

Texas Roadhouse Margarita

Texas Roadhouse Margarita Menu

Margarita Prices
Classic Margarita $6.99
Frozen Margaritas $7.99
Speciality Margaritas: $8.99
Value and Quality $6.99-$8.99

Texas Roadhouse Drink Specials

Original House Lime $2.600
Raspberry $2.600
Mango $2.600
Strawberry $2.600

Texas Roadhouse Margarita Calories

Drink Calories
Original House Lime 190 Cal.
Raspberry 470 Cal.
Mango 170 Cal.
Strawberry 160 Cal.

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Texas Roadhouse Margarita Mixer

Texas Roadhouse Margarita

  • Texas Roadhouse Margarita Mix Price $9.99 (1.75L)
  • Texas Roadhouse Margarita Mix Calories – 150 Cal.

It has a unique flavor that can only be found at Texas Roadhouse.

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This iconic margarita is what millions Of people around the world envision When they think of a margarita. It is made with blue Agave from Jalisco, Mexico, And 19% Persian lime juice.

What are the Most Popular items on the Texas Roadhouse Margarita Menu?

  • original frozen margarita.
  • original rocks margarita.
  • skinny lime margarita.
  • hurricane margarita (a classic hurricane drink with a margarita twist)
  • sangria margarita (made with red wine and available frozen or on the rocks)

FAQs – Texas Roadhouse Margarita

What is in a Texas Roadhouse margarita?

Texas Roadhouse’s Legendary Margarita, which has an excellent flavor, is made using blue agave from the Jalisco region of Mexico And 19% Persian lime juice.

Since the opening of the first Texas Roadhouse in 1993, the house specialty has been the Legendary Margarita.

How much alcohol is in a Texas Roadhouse margarita?

Tequila, one ounce. Peach schnapps, 1/2 oz. a half-ounce of coconut rum. Orange juice, 1 ounce.

What kind of tequila does Texas Roadhouse use?

A classic mashup of Patrón Silver, Patrón Reposado, And Patrón Anejo premium tequilas with Grand Marnier.

What is a Texas margarita vs. a regular?

One of the most well-known cocktails ever is the typical margarita, which was invented in Mexico in the 1930s.

The classic description includes the three ingredients tequila, lime, And triple sec. The Texas Margarita contains orange juice, but not as much as an Orange margarita.

How many Oz is a Texas Roadhouse margarita?

Nutritional data and diet advice for the Texas Roadhouse Original Margarita, Rocks (18 oz).

Does Texas Roadhouse have frozen margaritas?

Depending on your selection, Texas Roadhouse Original Frozen Margaritas have 230–430 calories.

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